Welcome to CADSON Manufacturing

CADSON was founded in 2004, and In this historical Journey of CADSON, Provided Lots of Mechanical Design, Machine Manufacturing, Steel Fabrication and PLC Automation Works. The Founder of CADSON, Mr. James Martin Adhikary is a Mechatronics Engineer and Inventor. He is the Key person behind all the innovation works done by CADSON.

CADSON is one of the leading manufacturer of Industrial Furniture.
In year 2004 the company started its furniture wing with the brand name “CADSON” for Industry segments. CADSON committed to quality and performance, working in partnership with customers to ensure all products and services meet customer expectations with high standards and cost effective price.
CADSON is determined to strive hard for more excellence of its industrial Production, Warehouse Furniture system and Automation System. We are very thankful to our clients, who has not only provided us an opportunity to develop these products, but they help us with their valuable feed backs and intelligent ideas for further innovations. We stay committed on such constructive & Automatize activities for the future.
CADSON also developed Garments Machinery, Food Industries Machinery and Kitchen Equipment, Honey Processing Plant, PWHT Machine, Ammunition Case Deforming & Counting Machine etc.

OUR Valuable Clients are: 1) Ever smart Bangladesh Ltd.(ESBL), 2) Harvest Rich Ltd, 3) Natural Group, 4) Nipa Group, 5) Esquire Group, 6) Unigear Fashion ltd., 7) Must Garments Corporation, 8) Red Point Jackets Ltd.9) Kenpark, 10) Global Attair Ltd., 11) Saad Saan Apparel, 12) Noman Fashion 13)Delta Composite Ltd.,14) Islam Grouop, 15) RK Group, 16) Remix Footwear Ltd., 17) Simba Fashion, 18) Cats Eye, 19) Abul Khair Group, 20) Doreen Group, 21) Vision Group, 22) Evince Group, 23) Godrej House Hold ltd., 24) SQ Group, 25) Square Pharmaceutical ltd., 26) Progress Apparel Ltd.